MICHAEL O`DONNELL ----------------------------------------per November 2011




Manchester, United Kingdom 1950. lived in Norway since 1977,

Vebergdalen 3070 Sande Norway tel 47- 33 77 71 71 mobile 47- 92 20 97 02 odonnellnorway@gmail.com




    Cardiff College of Art 1968-69
    Leeds College of Art 1969-72
    The Royal College of Art 1972-74  M.A.(RCA)


Lecturer Croydon College of Art 1974-77

Ran own design agency 1974-77

Moved to Norway 1977

Various teaching positions in junior, secondary, advanced and adult education 1977-81

Research Fellow The National Academy of Fine Art Oslo 1981-83

Awarded National Travel and Study Stipend 1982

Study period Carerra Italy 1982

Visited the Venice Biannual 1982

Visited documenta 1982

Published” Michael O’Donnell1983”

Member of the National Jury, the Norwegian Artists Association1983/4

Awarded a Three Year Working Stipend 1983-85

Lecturer in Sculpture at the Academy  of Fine Art in Oslo 1984-

Responsible for Oslo’s participation in the European Art Schools Biannual Tolouse 1984

Member of The Board of the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo 1984-96

Head of the Artists Jury Regional Arts Centre Buskerud  1985

Visiting Professor the Nordic Art School Finland 1985

Visiting Lecturer the Academy of Fine Trondheim 1985

Completed a public commission at Trollstua Barnehagen Darbu 1985

Head of the experimental dept. ANNEX  the Academy of Fine Art Oslo 1985

Study Coordinator the Academy of Fine Art Oslo 1986

Artist consultant public commission Tønsberg 1986

Visiting Professor the Nordic Art School Finland 1986

Published”Plastics and Non Plastic Plastics” 1986

Senior Lecturer the Academy of Fine Art Oslo 1986-

Visited the Venice Biannual 1986

Initiated The British Council Oslo Fellowship with The Royal College of Art 1986

Published “Undercurrents” 1986

External assessor master examination School of Arts and Crafts Oslo 1986

Completed public commission at Heistadmoen Military Camp 1987

Visited documenta 1987

Study period war graves France and Belgium1987

Published “In Memoriam” 1987

Visiting Professor Valand Art Academy Gothenburg 1987

Visited the Venice Biannual 1988

Published “Rotten Row” 1989

Completed public commission Topåsen skole Oslo 1989

Visiting Professor Valand Art Academy Gothenburg 1989

Visited the Venice Biannual 1990

Initiated Gallery 21.25 in Oslo 1991-

Completed public commission Hurum Sykehjem 1991

Responsible for Oslo’s participation in 2nd European Art School Biannual Masteritsch 1991

Consultant for the Official Olympic Committee Lillehammer 1992/3

Awarded Vederlagsfond stipend 1993

Visited the Venice Biannual 1993

Established the Erasmus Network at the Academy of Fine Art  Oslo 1993

Completed  a public commission at Tislegård skole Kongsberg 1994

Awarded Vederlagsfond stipend 1994

Completed a public commission at Stavanger University 1995

Curated exhibition “Referances”  The National Touring Exhibitions 1995

Visited the Venice Biannual 1995

Completed public commission Lillehammer post kontor 1996

Initiated the ART ACADEMY WITHOUT WALLS project Zambia 1996-

Seminar Leader Lusaka 1996

Lectured at Witts University Johannesburgh 1996

Participated in initiating the Cultural Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan 1997

Initiated  Fredskorpset  Zambia Fellowship 1997

Seminar leader Ndola Zambia 1997

Published “Looking back” 1997

Visited documenta 1997

Awarded Statens vikar stipend 1997

Visited Johannesburg Biannual 1997

Lectured at Museum for Contemporary Art Oslo 1997

Visited the Venice Biannual 1997

Participated in initiating The Baltic Art Schools Agreement Poland 1998

Visiting Professor the Academy of Fine Art Poznan 1998

Visited Manifesta Luxenborg 1998

Artist consultant Høyskolen Buskerud 1999

Participated in Post Museum conference Tate Gallery  1999

Visited the Venice Biannual 1999

Seminar leader Chipata Zambia 1999

Professor the National Academy of Fine Art Oslo 2000-

Consultant Nordic Arts Centre Esouira Morocco 2000

Artist consultant Høyskolen I Vestfold 2000

Participated in Africa Now conference Paris 2000

Completed commission Leo Burnett a.s. Oslo 2000

Completed public commission Huseby kompetanse senter 2000

Visited Manifesta Lubliana 2000

Lectured at Technikon Natal Durban 2000

Co-developed ICT system with ref. to Bologna Agreement at Academy in Oslo 2000

Lectured at Glasgow School of Art 2001

Visited Venice Biannual 2001

Seminar leader Lusaka 2002

Co-developed B.A. & M.A. course curriculum Academy of Fine Art Oslo 2002/3

Artist consultant Bekkestua renseanlegg 2002

Visited documenta 2002

Dean of the Academy of Fine Art Oslo 2003/4/5

Completed commission Posten Norge a.s. Oslo 2003

Visited Venice Biannual 2003

Published “BALLS BOLLOCKS and BEYOND” 2003

Workshop/seminar leader the Art Academy in Ramallah 2003/4

Artist consultant Kongsvinger fengsel 2004/5/6

Artist consultant Drammen Union Cultural Centre 2004

Visited Venice Biannual 2005

Completed public commission Husbanken Drammen 2005

Developed exchange project in Afghanistan at the University of Kabul 2005

Director of Studies B.A. /Professor the Academy of Fine Art Oslo 2006

Commissioned to produce a light work for UMB Norway 2007

Professor in Sculpture The Academy of Fine Art Oslo 2007

Visited documenta 2007

Visited Venice Biannual 2007

Received 3% Fund stipend 2007

Received Norske Bilde Travel stipend 2007

Visited Manifesta 2008

Visited Liverpool Biannual 2008

Visited Frieze Arts Fair 2008

Commissioned to produce 3 year installation Oscarsborg Fortress 2009

Visited Istanbul Biannual 2009

Visited Frieze Art Fair 2009

Co-curated The Nordic Art Triannual. Eskiltuna Sweden 2010

Panel leader Afrikan History Week Oslo 2010

Visited Manifesta Spain 2010

Received Statens Stipend 2010

Co-organised Art and Global Dialogue Seminar Oslo 2011

Artist talk with Marc Quinn at The National Opera Oslo 2011

Commissioned to produce Blue Pool Fredrikstad Norway 2011

Visited Venice Biannual 2011

Received Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond stipend 2011

Published book EXIT 2011

Board member TRAP Oslo 2011

Visited Istanbul Biannual 2011

Visited DOCUMENTA 2012

Visited Venice Biannual 2013

Visited Istanbul Biannual 2015

Visited Venice Biannual 2015

Visited DOCUMENTA 1 & 2 2017

Visited Munster Sculpture Project 2017

Visited Venice Biannual 2017

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