Videos Clips


"Oh we do like to be beside the sea side" 1970
Video loop from original 8mm film documetation of coffin and figure sculpture life size


"Looking back"
Lillehammer Kunstmuseum 1997

3 hours Video loop at 1.5meter projetion


"Put your hand on my shoulder" 1998

3 hours video loop
Small Scale Projection, Gallery Brandstrup 2002
Duration of clip: 31sec
File size: 2.31Mb
      Duration of clip: 28sec
File size: 1.8Mb
          Duration of clip: 47sec
File size: 3.48Mb

"Where or When" 1998

2 hours Video loop
Projection, Little Treasure, Oslo

"Ten green bottles" 1999

30 minutes Verticle projection loop
Projection, Hå Prestegård 2002

"Albert and the Lion" 1999

50 minutes video loop
Projection, Wrokin
Duration of clip: 44sec
File size: 3.24Mb
Duration of clip: 23sec
File size: 1.83Mb
Duration of clip: 19sec
File size: 1.4Mb

"Oh we do like to be beside the sea side" Lusaka 2002

1.5 hours video loop


10 minutes video loop
Projection to silk

Hå Prestegård 2002
Duration of clip: 30sec
File size: 2.38Mb
Duration of clip: 53sec
File size: 3.92Mb
  Duration of clip: 3.24min
File size: 16.5 Mb

NSA Gallery, 2000
Durban South Africa

Duration of clip: 47sec
File size: 2.86Mb